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First Holy Communions sessions at Our Lady of Walsingham 2023

Sacramental Preparation
First Holy Communion Sessions

First Session
Sunday 21st January 2024 – Church – 11.30am

Second Session
Sunday 4th February 2024 – Church Club – 11.30am

Third Session
Sunday 25th February 2024 – Church Club – 11.30am

Friday 8th March 2024 – Church – 7.00pm

Fourth Session
Sunday 17th March 2024 – Church Club – 11.30am

Fifth Session
Sunday 21st April 2024 – Church Club – 11.30am

Sixth Session
Sunday 5th May 2024 – Church Club – 11.30am

Seventh Session
Sunday 19th May – Church Club – 11.30am

Sunday 9th June – Church – 11.30am

Sunday 9th June – 11.30am (rehearsal)
Saturday 15th June – 11am – Church – 11am

Children at Holy Spirit Catholic Academy are encouraged to be personal examples of the life of God within us all. They learn about the Mass and are encouraged to attend regularly. They learn about the Sacraments throughout their time in school.

Children in Year 4 celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The school plays a large part in the children’s preparation for receiving these Sacraments in partnership with parents and catechists of the parish. This preparation takes place through regular workshops outside of school time for children and their parents/carers.

Children receive their First Reconciliation in a service along with their families. They celebrate their First Holy Communion during a special Mass in June.

Following the celebrations, the children continue to practise their Faith at Class Masses and the school provides opportunities for all members of the school community to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the Liturgical Seasons of Advent and Lent.

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Work for Us