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  • Good morning Year 4

    I hope that you’ve all had a lovely half term break. I spent my half term going for walks with my family and making yummy homemade vegan pancakes for Shrove Tuesday – they were delicious! As it was the beginning of lent on Wednesday too, I decided to give up all things sweet for the next 40 days and 40 nights, which means no more sweets, chocolate, biscuits or cake for me! This is a sacrifice that I like to make each year to commemorate the sacrifices that Jesus made for us all. Have you decided to give up anything for lent? 

    As some of you saw on our Twitter page, we had 4 children from our class receive certificates from Mrs Roberts for their home learning just before half term. Congratulations goes to Heidi Mc, Jake, Albie, Grace and Morrigan –  well done everyone!

    Thank you for all of the work that was sent to me through Seesaw just before half term – I can also see that some children have continued their learning over half term too – great effort! Please continue to upload your work by either completing the Seesaw activity and pressing the tick button or taking a photograph and adding it to your journal. If you are having any difficulty with this, either send me a message through Seesaw or ask an adult to contact the school office so I can go through the instructions with somebody at home. It’s really important that I see how you’re getting on with your home learning and whether there are any areas of learning we need to work on. If you’re completing any other exciting activities with your family please continue to share those pictures and videos with me too; it’s been lovely to see some of the things that you have been getting up to at home. 

    This week, we will be continuing our non chronological reports in English and looking at reading for pleasure in our guided reading sessions. In maths we will continue our unit of work about fractions. Some reminders for your maths work…the White Rose worksheets on Seesaw are set as activities so that you can write straight onto the sheet from your tablet or laptop. Don’t worry if you don’t have either of these electrical devices at home as you can pick up a maths booklet from school to write in, if you haven’t done so already. If you are not able to collect your booklet from school, you can write out the answers on a piece of paper, take a photograph and upload it onto Seesaw. You can also do the same for the English activities set on Seesaw, either by completing the activity on a tablet or laptop or writing out your answers on a piece of paper and uploading it onto Seesaw.

    I have also continued to set English and maths work in Education City for you to complete. We need to be aiming for 70% accuracy with our answers on Education City. You will know if you have achieved this as you will receive a virtual certificate. Don’t forget to continue to practise your times tables on TT Rockstars every day for 10 – 15 minutes. 

    I have also added Mrs Robert’s collective worship to our class page for you to share with your family.

    Take care everyone

    Mrs Chellew and Mrs Foster

    White Rose Maths 

    Watch the video:Spr4.6.1 – Equivalent fractions (2) on Vimeo

    Read the PowerPoint attached and then answer the questions on the worksheet.


    Watch the following lesson on Oak Academy To develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection (


    Watch the following lesson on Oak Academy To edit a non-chronological report (

    In this lesson, we will edit the appearance paragraph of a non-chronological report.

    Remember to have a pen and a piece of paper to hand to write down your ideas.


    Read the scripture and then complete the activities on the attached sheet.


    Look out for our Primary Star’s session which will be released at 1pm today on our website and Seesaw. Remember to send me your photographs and videos.

    Happy learning!

    Mrs Chellew and Mrs Foster

I am really looking forward to teaching you all this year; we have some fun and exciting topics to learn about across the year, including a European study of Barcelona and finding out all about the Romans. Mrs Foster is our very experienced learning coach who will be supporting in class this year.

Mrs Foster and I have been impressed by your focused start to the year with many of your names already proudly displayed on our class celebration board.

We have also been impressed by the presentation of your work in your books and look forward to every child achieving their pen licence by the end of the year.

Below, you and your parents will find some information about what we will be learning this year and our expectations for homework.

Keep up the good work Year 4!

Mrs Chellew and Mrs Foster

News from Year 4

What will we be learning this year?

Yearly overview for Year 4


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Secrets of a Sun King

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Escape to Pompeii

Pied Piper

The Promise

Wind in the Willows

Guided reading

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx

Ice Monster

Who Let the Gods Out?

The Legend of Podkin One Ear

Butterfly Lion

Charlotte’s Web


Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

Length and Perimeter

Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division


Fractions and Decimals




Properties of Shapes

Position and Direction



Digestion and Teeth

Solids, Liquids and Gases






Fake News




Endangered Animals



Volcanoes and Earthquakes








The Romans





Leonardo Da Vinci






Design and Technology


Healthy Varied Diet




Simple Circuits and Switches


Shell Structures


Mamma Mia




Reflect, Rewind, Replay


Come and See





Giving and Receiving

Self Discipline

New Life

Building Bridges

God’s People







Sports Leaders

Tag Rugby







Your child will be given spellings to complete each week. These will be based on the spelling rule we are currently learning in class as well as words from the Y3/4 statutory list. They will also bring a reading book home to read daily by themselves or with an adult at home. Reading is so important for your child’s progress therefore we recommend 10 minutes reading each night. In Year 4, we ask that parents sign their child’s reading diary. However, children are encouraged to write in their own comments.

Every Thursday, your child will be set homework via an online platform – Education City. They will have a week to complete the tasks set. Your child’s login has been sent home to you with instructions on how to access their account. This is such a fun resource for the children to access their learning from home. Enjoy!

We will also set special projects and ‘teach for ten’ presentations for your child to complete from time to time.

In Year 4 we actively encourage independent research so if your child wants to complete some extra work at home around some of the topics we will be learning about, please encourage them to bring it in to share with the class.

Education City Login Instructions

How to Log In…

STEP 1: Visit and click login
STEP 2: Enter your login details

Where Can I Find My Child’s Homework?

Home > Homework

Where Do I See My Child’s Progress? Home > Scores

How Can I Help My Child Improve? Home > Revision

‘LOCK’ ICON A lock means that the Homework is sequenced, so your child must complete content in the order set.

‘FLAG’ ICON A black and white flag on the last piece of content means your child has completed that Homework MyCity.

‘DUE’ ICON A clock means that the Homework MyCity needs completing for a certain date.

YOUR CHILD HAS ACCESS In a Homework MyCity folder, you’ll find content your child’s teacher has set for your child to complete at home.

Keep an eye out for these icons: 

MySuccess is a great way to track your child’s progress. Here, you can view Activity and Assessment scores your child has achieved so you can keep up-to-date with their learning both in the classroom and at home! 

MyRevision is fantastic for supporting your child with improving Assessment scores. If less than 100% is scored on most assessments, a personalised Revision

Year 4 Transition Booklet

Transition booklet Year 4

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