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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

I am so excited to be continuing your learning journey with you this year, alongside Mrs Richardson.  What an exciting year ahead! You worked incredibly hard in Year 1 and we had lots of fun, keep it up! 

Your class teacher this year is:

Miss Hughes

Miss Hughes

Your learning coach this year is:

Mrs Durkan

Mrs Durkan

What will we be learning this year?

We are exploring lots of exciting topics this year so please take a look at our curriculum overview to see what we are learning each term. It would be great if you could do some research at home throughout the year and share fun facts with the class!    

Practise these tricky words as much as you can!

Please read through the transition booklet to find out more about Year 2 at Holy Spirit: Transition booklet

Our Proud Cloud

If you complete any extra learning activities or research at home that you are really proud of, please bring it in to show us as we want to celebrate everyone’s super work!

Celebration Board

Remember that if you show our school values then you may be showcased on our class celebration board. Well done to the children who have made it onto the board this week!


  • You all now have a red homework file to keep your homework information and spellings in.
  • Spellings- The weekly spelling quiz will be based on Y1 and 2 ‘tricky words’ and/or the phonics sounds we are learning that week. Please bring your file in every Friday so I can give you next week’s spelling sheet and see your super spelling practice.
  • Reading- We will soon be sending out our new reading books that match our phonics scheme at school. Until then please read every day after school or before bed. Read to and withsomeone at home EVERYDAY.


Every Thursday I will set some fun homework tasks for you on the website EducationCity. You will have a week to complete the weekly tasks. Your login details are attached to your homework file- all you need is your special username and password to get onto your account. As well as the homework tasks, you can play games and complete extra learning activities on the website whenever you like! Impress me by challenging yourself! This will also be used in case of further bubble closures or lockdowns to ensure learning continues.

Education City Login Instructions

How to Log In…

STEP 1: Visit and click login
STEP 2: Enter your login details

Where Can I Find My Child’s Homework?

Home > Homework

Where Do I See My Child’s Progress? Home > Scores
How Can I Help My Child Improve? Home > Revision

‘LOCK’ ICON A lock means that the Homework is sequenced, so your child must complete content in the order set.

‘FLAG’ ICON A black and white flag on the last piece of content means your child has completed that Homework MyCity.

‘DUE’ ICON A clock means that the Homework MyCity needs completing for a certain date.

YOUR CHILD HAS ACCESS In a Homework MyCity folder, you’ll find content your child’s teacher has set for your child to complete at home.

Keep an eye out for these icons: 

MySuccess is a great way to track your child’s progress. Here, you can view Activity and Assessment scores your child has achieved so you can keep up-to-date with their learning both in the classroom and at home! 

MyRevision is fantastic for supporting your child with improving Assessment scores. If less than 100% is scored on most assessments, a personalised Revision


We will be using SeeSaw to share lovely moments and good work from both home and school. Your child will have their own log in and QR code in order to access and upload work. Please share with us any work and news you wish to. This can be accessed through an app or a web browser. 

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