FOOD ACTION WEEK! Let’s help save our world!

Around a third of the food we produce worldwide is lost or wasted and it’s having a significant impact on climate change.  In fact, it contributes a staggering 8–10% of total man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s food that goes unsold or unused in supermarkets and restaurants, and all the stuff we buy and which goes uneaten.  It is all fuelling the climate crisis. We can help stop this by turning our leftovers into new meals and binning less of our leftovers.

This week is Food Action Week and our challenge is to use leftover food from a meal and make a new meal with those ingredients. You can use the template attached to type or write your recipe on or you can write your recipe on a piece of paper you have at home. Send pictures of your recipes and meals to our office- or bring your recipe in with you to school next week.

We have got until March 28th to submit our entries. Let’s work together to inspire other people in our local area to stop wasting food! We can’t wait to see the ideas you come up with. Have fun!