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PE Home Learning

PE Values

  BE AMBITIOUS – work hard and never give up on their goals.
BE INSPIRING – set a great example to others.
BE CONNECTED – work well with others and in a team.
BE FAIR – treat people equally and think of others.

Week 1 – 4

During Lockdown Scott (EITC) and I have been working hard to promote physical activity within the wider community. We feel PE is at the heart of Holy Spirit and our children thrive on and engage most in physical movement. We have been creating small challenges for our children to complete on a Monday and Wednesday at 1pm within their households. On a Friday, the children who have shown aspects of our PE values shown above are celebrated, alongside with a child/family that have shown the most participation.

Week 4 episode 1 challenge- 1.02.2021

Week 2 episode 1 challenge- 18.01.2021

Week 3 episode 1 challenge- 25.01.2021

Week 2 episode 2 challenge- 20.01.2021

Week 2 episode 1 challenge- 18.01.2021

Week 1 episode 2 challenge- 13.01.2021

Week 1 episode 1 challenge- 11.01.2021

Week 5

As engagement has really improved, we have decided to push our curriculum objectives further and encourage our children to participate in PE lessons from their own homes!

Monday- Primary Premier Stars Show (challenge and value of the week) – 1PM
Wednesday- Curriculum lesson – 1PM
Nursery, Reception & Year 1- Fundamental movement
Year 2- Dance
Year 3- Teamwork
Year 4- Sports leaders
Year 5- Dance
Year 6- Dance
Friday- Certificates This is celebrated on Zoom each Friday alongside with a child who has shown fantastic participation!  – 1PM

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