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Intent Statement

At Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School our intent for music is to create a musical atmosphere and ensure all year groups gain the opportunity to develop musicianship skills. All children will have at least one opportunity to learn an instrument during their time at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School. 

We are working hard to develop a high-quality curriculum for Music, where pupils will have the opportunity to cover different elements of music, learn key musical vocabulary and embed a good understanding of how music has developed throughout history. We are proud of Liverpool’s rich musical history and this is celebrated throughout the school.

Through building a tailored musical curriculum, we will ensure all children experience quality experiences to improve their knowledge and understanding of music, creating meaningful experiences to build a love of music.

“Music is life itself.”
– Louis Armstrong

Our Curriculum

We use Charanga and Yumu to structure our teaching of music at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School. Yumu also provides our pupils with the opportunity to access quality music education at home. We personalise our music curriculum for our school having a unique music focus per term. This is to build on our pupils love of music and explore a wide range of musical genres. Please see below our long-term music curriculum overview and progression map.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Virtual Choir

Virtual Choir will be hosted via Zoom each Friday at 2:30pm. This is open to all year groups and will recommence on Friday 26th February.

Whole School Music Challenge

Each week, every class will be set a music challenge! Please keep sharing your videos via see-saw or tweet them to @SpiritPrimary


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