Year 5

Dear year 5,

Welcome to a wonderful and exciting year! We are so happy to be able to share another year with such a hard-working and kind class.

Your class teacher this year is:

Miss Gattrell

Miss Gattrell

Your learning coaches this year are:

Miss Quadrio

Miss Quadrio

Mrs Uittermark

Mrs Uittermark

What will we be learning this year?

We have some fun and exciting topics to learn about across the year, including Earth and Space in Science – which I know will be very popular!

Miss Quadrio and I have been impressed by your focused start to the year with many of your names already proudly displayed on our class celebration board. Remember to always follow our school rules:

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Below, you and your parents will find some information about what we will be learning this year and our expectations for homework.

Yearly overview for Year 5


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Leon And The Place Between

Journey to Jo’Burg

Lady of Shalott


The Man Who Walked Between Towers

The Nowhere Emporium

Guided reading

Beetle Boy



The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Oranges In No Man’s Land

The House With Chicken Legs


Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

Statistics, Multiplication and Division, Area and Perimeter

Multiplication and Division, Fractions

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Decimals, Properties of Shape

Position and Direction, Converting Units


Earth and Space

Animals Including Humans

Properties of Materials

Properties of Materials


Living Things and Their Habitats



News Reporter

My Online Life

Web Designer

AR Games

Music Composer




South America (Brazil)



The Rainforest



The Slave Trade


Anglo Saxons




Claude Monet


Van Gogh


Joan Miro/Barbara Hepworth


Design and Technology


Frame Structures




Culture and Seasonality

Come and See


Life Choices, Hope


Memorial Sacrifice, Sacrifice


Freedom and Responsibility, Stewardship




Gymnastics, Dance

Football, Tag Rugby

OAA, Tennis

Athletics, Cricket



Throughout the year, year 5 will read and be exposed to so many quality, exciting texts! Some of these texts will be read during guided reading sessions, some as our focus text for English and others simply for pleasure. We love reading!

Our aim is that most children are ‘free readers’ by the end of year 5. This means that they are at a stage in their reading where they are able to choose their own chapter book to read mostly independently. We recognise that these books may take a little longer to read so these will be changed as and when your child is ready for a new book. For the scheme books, children should aim to change their book at least twice a week. This allows them to build on their reading skills at a good pace, and of course read a variety of texts. Children in year 5 are encouraged to write in their own reading diary – writing a brief synopsis of what they have read. Reading with an adult or a sibling is also encouraged.

Children will also bring home a ‘reading for pleasure’ text that they have chosen themselves from our class library. Children will have the opportunity to change this book on a Friday with our class librarian.

It is super important that children bring both books into class with them every day, so that we are able to read with them and discuss what they have read at home. We look forward to a year of wonderful stories and immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of books…happy reading!


Your child will be given spellings to complete each week. These will be based on the spelling rule we are currently learning in class as well as words from the Y5/6 statutory list. They will also bring a reading book home to read daily by themselves or with an adult at home. Reading is so important for your child’s progress! In year 5 children are encouraged to sign their own reading diary, with a brief synopsis of what they have read.

Every Thursday, your child will be set homework via an online platform – Education City. They will have a week to complete the tasks set. Your child’s login has been sent home to you with instructions on how to access their account. This is such a fun resource for the children to access their learning from home. Enjoy!

We will also set special projects and ‘teach for ten’ presentations for your child to complete from time to time.

Education City Login Instructions

How to Log In…

STEP 1: Visit and click login

STEP 2: Enter your login details

Where Can I Find My Child’s Homework?

Home > Homework

Where Do I See My Child’s Progress? Home > Scores

How Can I Help My Child Improve? Home > Revision

‘LOCK’ ICON A lock means that the Homework is sequenced, so your child must complete content in the order set.

‘FLAG’ ICON A black and white flag on the last piece of content means your child has completed that Homework MyCity.

‘DUE’ ICON A clock means that the Homework MyCity needs completing for a certain date.

YOUR CHILD HAS ACCESS In a Homework MyCity folder, you’ll find content your child’s teacher has set for your child to complete at home.

Keep an eye out for these icons: 

MySuccess is a great way to track your child’s progress. Here, you can view Activity and Assessment scores your child has achieved so you can keep up-to-date with their learning both in the classroom and at home! 

MyRevision is fantastic for supporting your child with improving Assessment scores. If less than 100% is scored on most assessments, a personalised Revision

Year 5 Transition Booklet

Transition booklet July 2020


We will be using SeeSaw to share lovely moments and good work from both home and school. Your child will have their own log in and QR code in order to access and upload work. Please share with us any work and news you wish to. This can be accessed through an app or a web browser.