Home Learning Year 4

Dear parents/guardians,

Here is an overview of tasks we would like the children to be completing at home each week. We are committed to ensuring that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our absolute best to keep this happening. Century Tech has been set up and your child will have their login. Check for assignments and activities that are added and try to keep up with them! In your packs, you were also given lots of fun, creative, practical tasks. I can’t wait to see how you do with these. Hopefully these activities will keep you challenged, continue learning and discovering new things.

You can tweet pictures of your exciting home learning adventures at our very own school twitter account – @SpiritPrimary. We would love to see what you are getting up to! You can also email me – gattrelle.holyspirit@schools.sefton.gov.uk and send me your photographs and share your learning with me. I would love to hear from you!

Take care and happy home learning!

Miss Gattrell, Mrs Carr and Mrs Uittermark

Dear parents, 

I understand some of you are having some trouble emailing me. I’ve had quite a few emails from parents so just double checking everybody has my email correct. My email address is – gattrelle.holyspirit@schools.sefton.gov.uk. I have spoken with IT and it seems to be working fine so please do go ahead and try again, I would love to hear from you! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Let me know if you need any support or help. I am missing the children very much and look forward to hopefully seeing everybody as soon as possible! Have a restful and hopefully sun filled half term.

Take care,
Miss Gattrell

Handwriting – ongoing

In order to keep your cursive handwriting ship shape, I think it would be a lovely idea to keep a diary over this period of time whilst school is closed. I have been keeping my own diary – writing in it each day to keep practising my letter joins, trying to use as many wonderful writing features as I can and also as a memory to look back on in the future. It would be great if you could complete your very own diary and write in it every day, stating what you have got up to and how you are feeling. It would be wonderful to share snippets of our diaries when we return to school too.

I have attached a diary writing checklist to the week 2 learning tasks in chilli order. There are three checklists (depending on how spicy you are feeling!) Try and make sure you are including as many of these features as you can in your diary entries.

Remember to check www.letterjoin.co.uk (in your learning pack) if you are unsure of any particular letter joins. There are super short video examples available here about how to form each letter.

Go forth and write!

Reading – every single day!

My final message to the class before we broke up from school was to READ! I hope you are all enjoying lots of fantastic, relaxing reading time whilst you are at home. I am currently reading a book by Margaret Atwood – one of my favourite authors. I am also enjoying audio books. Right now I am listening to ‘Varjak Paw’ by S.F.Said. This was a book that I had read to a previous class and they loved it – so did I! I hope you are finding the time to relax and enjoy some reading every day. Reading is my favourite part of the day! I know many of you are big fans of the author David Walliams. You are in for such a treat… he is uploading daily audio books .The daily treat is called Elevenses, and children and grown-ups can tune in every morning at 11am – and it’s all free. Here is the link you can follow to enjoy this super treat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW29dHRKPAo

Creative Writing with Frank Cottrell-Boyce 

We are a class of fantastic authors! You now have the opportunity to enjoy a creative writing lesson with another inspirational author – Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Frank is an author of many wonderful children’s books such as Millions, Cosmic and The Unforgotten Coat (check youtube for readings from these books, I am positive you will enjoy them!) You may have already read one of his books. If so, how cool is it that you get to take part in one of his writing lessons? Head to @FrankCottrell-Boyce on Twitter to take part in his weekly creative writing lessons. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen! I look forward to hearing your stories. Remember you can tweet a picture of your writing to @SpiritPrimary on Twitter or email me – gattrelle.holyspirit@schools.sefton.gov.uk. Super exciting!

Oak National Academy