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Dear Parents,

Here is an overview of tasks we’d like the children to be completing at home over the forthcoming weeks. We are committed to ensuring that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our absolute best to keep this happening.

Warmest regards,

Miss Daniels and Miss Griffiths

  • Good morning, Reception!  Hope you’re enjoying your home learning.  Here’s this week’s activities.  Don’t forget to share your learning on Tapestry or Twitter @SpiritPrimary.

    Literacy – Little Red Riding Hood

    We’re continuing with the story Little Red Riding Hood, there’s a link to the story below so you can listen to it again.


    Activity 1– Look at the story sequencing cards below, can you put them in the correct order of the story.  Now retell the story using the pictures.

    Activity 2– Look at the photographs below linked to the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  Have a go at writing a sentence to go with the pictures, for example, ‘The wolf saw Little Red Riding Hood’.

    Activity 4– Little Red Riding would have seen lots of different shades of green and different coloured flowers in the woods, have a look in your garden, or when you are outdoors, and create a colour palette of the different colours you find.

    Activity 3– Grey Wolves.  Watch the clip to find out facts about the grey wolf.  What can you remember about the grey wolf?  Can you howl like a wolf?  Draw a picture of a grey wolf and write a sentence about one of the facts, for example, ‘A wolf howls.’



    This week’s maths activities are based around the story ‘How Many Legs’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field.  Click on the link below to listen to the story. Then click on the White Rose Maths icon to complete the activities for w/b 13.07.20.  There is a different activity for each day of the week.



    Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Song

    The Big Bad Wolf appears in other stories, such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  Click the link below to listen to the Little Pigs sing the song, ‘Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?’


    Roll and Read – Snakes and Ladders  

    Have a go at playing this different version of snakes and ladders.  You have to read the words that you land on when you roll the dice.  Watch out for the snakes, if you land on one of them you have to slither down his body.  If you land on a ladder, climb to the top of it.  Play with a family member and race them to the top!

    Dance – Get Funky

    Dance along with the Learning Station to the song ‘Get Funky’ and join in with the actions.


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